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Are YOU?




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"Left to our own devices, our minds tend to hijack each and every opportunity for happiness. Negativity, entitlement, resentfulness, forgetfulness, ungratefulness all clamor for attention. Whether stemming from our own thoughts or the daily news headlines, we are exposed to a constant drip of negativity. Doom and gloom are on the horizon as financial fears, relational turmoil, global conflict, and health challenges threaten us. […]


Gratitude is our best weapon, an ally to counter these internal and external threats that rob us of sustainable joy. Gratitude rescues us from thieves that derail our opportunity for happiness, and gets us back on track to contentment and inner peace."


Dr Robert A Emmons 

World’s Leading Scientific Expert on Gratitude




It is possible to do this with the right tools and effort on your part to change your negative thinking and this “lack mentality” we’ve all become accustomed to over the years.


A grateful perspective on life is a stress-buster, so grateful people are more equipped than others to deal with uncertainty and unexpected situations that typically trigger anxiety.  

This is How MY Grateful Persective Began...

And then, a couple years later, after having recovered from one more major depressive episode… 

Posting at 3:16 used to be MY thing... This used to be MY movement...

Since September of 2019 though, 6 months away from 3:16 Day...

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